Source: press release

25 December 2016

To and from work, during lunch, to and from a workout session, an afternoon in the park, a trip to the mountains or a weekend in the country. These are all situations and activities in which even the most inveterate outdoor enthusiasts find themselves. While it is possible during our free time to pick the outdoor activity based on the weather, this is rarely an option during the week. It is also here – in the landscape between nature and the urban environment – that the need for functional products might be the greatest. This is where we find 19FOURTEEN.

19FOURTEEN is Haglöfs new Outdoor Lifestyle concept that will be introduced in the Fall/Winter of 2014. The concept consists of a collection of backpacks and bags, outerwear and footwear that are intended to function in the landscape between nature and the urban environment and that unite a pure, natural surface with a personal inside filled with technical functions.

Function and tradition
Behind 19FOURTEEN are two years of intense development, during which large parts of the company were involved. The development process in many respects has been similar to the process Haglöfs initiated more than 20 years ago when the company started to develop clothing: favorite garments were brought into the office, prodded and pinched and ideas were discussed. One of the goals was to find functional products that can handle all of the situations encountered on an everyday basis – from a rainy, windy fall day to a clear, cold winter night. Another condition was that everyone in the project could identify with the products since Haglöfs own staff was an important reference group.

– As part of the 19FOURTEEN concept, we have developed backpacks, bags, jackets and shoes for everyday activities without making any compromises in terms of Haglöfs technical solutions. On the contrary, we have taken many of our most advanced materials and technical functions and applied them to products that we would use ourselves when we are not climbing mountains, skiing or running in the forest – asserts Fredrik Lundberg, Strategic Design Manager at Haglöfs.

Haglöfs unique heritage of craftsmanship, with its pure, simple design, and all of its knowledge about modern materials, technical function and advanced construction have resulted in a timeless collection with an uncompromised focus on details. The link to Haglöfs origins can be seen throughout the entire collection – from the products borrowing their names from places in Dalarna to patterns, colors and design details inspired by the regions local paintings, dress and symbols.

– There are many passionate outdoor enthusiasts working at Haglöfs who on a daily basis move between the city and nature. We have therefore been able to base a lot on our own experiences, interests and needs when working with 19FOURTEEN. We also looked back on our rich history for inspiration to find the right feel, but also the purity that has characterized Haglöfs products over the years. It has been an exciting and challenging journey – and we are very proud of the results – concludes Fredrik Lundberg.