A cat on a journey

Text:Mariola Weindich-Mašek, photos: Mariola Weindich-Mašek, Anna Plaszczyk

16 April 2017

There is still a lot of time for holidays, so you have time to plan not only the leave, but also to consider who should look after our pets during the holidays. If we have the possibility to provide them „holidays" as well, we have to take care of our and their journey comfort.

While preparation of the owners of the dogs isnt so complicated, the case of journey with a cat is quite different. First of all – you should consider well cats journey and question oneself whether it is really necessary? In majority of cases cats, in opposite to dogs, dont like traveling. Very important element, which will have influence on our decision is our cats character and its breed. Altough cats are used to place, not to a human, the case is different with Maine Coon.

Cats of this breed are used to human and very long leave, which means a long separation from the owner, doesnt have a positive influence on those cats. When we decide on a journey with cat we have to take care of proper equipment for him.

The most practical and safe way of moving cat is plastic, closed container. For big breeds of cat containers are provided with wheels, thanks to which we dont have to carry extra kilograms. Plastic transporters guarantee safety and proper hygienic conditions. They often have bars, so the pet is provided with fresh air and has the possibility to observe the world.

Except food and water it is worth to take with yourself some other stuff. Its worth to take the one which posess smell well known for the cat, like blanket or toys. Thanks to that, the cat will feel home in the new place. Those smells will be guarantee of cats safety. In case of train journey, a cat in a transporter is treated as a luggage with no extra charge. When we are travelling by car we have to remember to harness the transporter, so during sharp curbing it will stay in one place.

If the travel is going to be long, we can provide a transporter with a hygienic base . When it get dirty we can simply replace it. We have to remember to take documents of cats health with us. If we are planning a journey abroad – we cant forget about the passport. Its also worth to take suspenders and leash with us. Releasing our pet in an unknown, new area is not very reasonable and can lead to animal missing.

Have a nice journey!