Activbod – the first skincare range designed to help get people more active

Source: press release

23 February 2018

For those of us that love exercising but struggle with the toll it takes on our bodies (sweat patches, flushed faces, sore derrieres and burning muscles to name a few) theres a new skin and body care range about to go on sale, designed to encourage a more active lifestyle, prepare the body for exercise and help it recover more quickly.Activbod is a range of six gender-free products with ground-breaking formulations to help the body pre and post-exercise, including skin coolers, muscle warmers and anti-redness treatments which area first for the mainstream skincare market and carry a price tag far more affordable than their expensive spa brand counterparts.

The team behind it, many of them keen sportspeople and fitness enthusiasts, researched the effects of exercise on skin and, based on their own experiences, developed the range to cope with the common stresses the body experiences during physical exertion. Exposure to the elements robs skin of vital moisture, and heat and sweat can make skin sore and dry, bringing toxins, salts and acids to the skins surface which also affect its delicate pH balance. Activbod combines the science of skincare with natural ingredients and the unique needs of sports and exercise enthusiasts. Formulated with therapeutic fragrances and ingredients for skin protection, perspiration and body odour control, plus cooling and warming agents to help prepare muscles and aid their recovery, the range is like having your own personal sports physio, but in your kit bag and available to use wherever and whenever you need.

No cosmetic will radically change the skins behaviour but what the activbod founders have achieved and tirelessly researched and developed is a revolutionary range of products to radically improve the comfort and wellbeing of the people using them. Portable in lightweight tubes which makes for smaller, travel-friendly packaging, activbod keeps sports bags light; plus everything is made in England, is MIT/MI and paraben-free, and suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Most of the range can also be used during pregnancy and by children over three years old.