Allergic people behind the wheel

Text: Mariola Weindich-Mašek, photos: press release

13 March 2021

Spring is a hard time for allergy sufferers, people allergic to pollens and dust. Driving the car in this period is particularly burdensome for allergy sufferers. Watery eyes, a runny nose, reduced concentration of drivers are just some of the symptoms associated with allergies, which can lead to dangerous situations on the road. Many of the symptoms are similar to those after consuming alcoholic beverages.

Allergic people behind the wheel
No one, who feels weak due to illness, allergies, lack of sleep or after drinking alcohol, should drive a car! Driving requires making quick decisions by a driver and often his good reflexes. - People suffering from severe allergies, when they do not feel well or could not entirely concentrate on the road, should consider using a city transport! Taken medications should also have the impact on decision of driving a car. Some of them can cause drowsiness, weakness or lowered concentration. That is why, it is worth to read the leaflet and see if medications can affect your psychomotor skills.

Sometimes sneezing behindthe wheel can be risky
Even an ordinary sneeze can be dangerous because the driver cannot see the road for about 3 seconds. It is a dangerous situation, especially in a city where everything happens very quickly and fractions of a second can decide whether it comes to bumps- coaches from Renault Safe Driving School remind. Delayed braking, delayed noticing a cyclist or a pedestrian, not seeing the obstacles in time can be a very risky behaviour, which the driver cannot afford, because he/she is putting at risk the safety of other traffic participants. The driver with allergies have problems with concentration and his/her ability to assess the situation is much worse, just like in case of a driver, still being under the influence of alcohol, who is driving the car.

Cleanliness in the car
Inside the car dust can settle, and after winter mould and fungus could grow, which sometimes could cause strong reactions in case of allergic patients. Additionally, in spring, when plants pollen, it is necessary to clean the car regularly, not only outside but also inside. In particular, air conditioning should be inspected and a cabin filter should be changed regularly. If we do not change the filter, air circulation in the car will be worse and germs can spread easily - coaches from Renault Safe Driving School advice.

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