Bawa - a table on which fun never ends

Text: Mariola Weindich-Mašek, photos: press release

29 April 2020

The best toys for children are those simplest, allowing the creative thinking to develop in a natural way. It is properly the table BAWA. It is enough to say “table, open up!” to enter the childish world of creative play.

Bawa is a multifunctional table for children. It is both a lovely furniture and a perfect toy. The main idea of the project was to return to the simple and creative play. The kind of play which allows children to discover the world and find new solutions in a completely natural way.

The biggest advantage of this funny table is its multifunctionality. Bawa develops imagination and manual skills. Children learn to recognise colours, shapes and join them together. Bawa is made of raw pine wood, raw pine plywood, gum furniture wheel with a blockade and it is painted with a water paint.

Bawa consists of a folding table, four colourful stools and blocks.

Playing with Bawa may last many hours!!!