Christmas picture - Do It Yourself!

Text and photos: Anna Plaszczyk

18 December 2017

The stylish, original and quick to prepare - this winter, Christmas picture can be made by yourself. Preparing Christmas ornaments with children is a unique opportunity to spend more time together and develop manual abilities of the youngest.

In order to prepare this landscape you need things that you will probably find in your home. What do we need? Picture Frame – a wooden one will be the best, it can be taped easily. In my case it is a coffee bag. I have taped a photo frame using a wood glue (Wikol). You should remove the glass from the frame because some of its elements will not be flat. Prepare a sheet of paper or cut a corrugated cardboard to fit the frame perfectly.

When the frame is ready – prepare pieces of materials that will be used to make a collages of Christmas trees. I chose the material resembling a "cow". Cut out triangles from the material – they should be high, with a short basis and they should have the same number of rectangles that will form the trunks of trees. We glue Christmas tree to the background using heated glue or a double-sided adhesive tape.

The tops of trees are ornamented according to your preferences. I added an orange dried in a mashroom-dryier (a great, inexpensive and fast way of making Christmas decorations). The other three Christmas tree at my picture I have embellished with asterisks, cut from a birch bark. Decorations best stick with heated glue.

If you have a snow spray at home - you can cover the frame and Christmas trees with pages in order to determine "snowy area" and spray them with snow spray. That snow should not be touched later, because you can completely spoil the effect.
Have fun!

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