Clochee cosmetics-simply organic

Text: Anna Plaszczyk, photos: press release

6 October 2019

It has started with a series of six basic body care products. Today, Clochee is more than 20 different, natural, plant cosmetics. Although the brand is young - it has already been recognized in prestigious beauty competitions.

Clochee - simply organic is a Polish brand, which made its market debut in December 2013. - December is a specific moment when we all are buying a lot, we were thrown in at the deep end- Daria Prochenka says, a co-owner of Clochee - There was no time for any mistakes, for entering the market in a peaceful way. From the very beginning, everything had to be "buttoned up".

"We" that is Daria Prochenka and Justyna Szuszkiewicz. During a friendly meeting over a coffee, the friends have decided to create a company. - Our conversation naturally focused on health and on what the composition of popular, mass cosmetics do contain - explains Justyna Szuszkiewicz, a co-owner of Clochee – We have talked about the fact that for far too long we have let toxic substances to the lymph nodes through our skin and it is high time to take matters into our own hands. To create ideal cosmetics- she recalls.

- Our cosmetics have 100% natural ingredients of plant origin - says Daria Prochenka - We know how important, for environmentally conscious consumers, a confirmation is that the product is completely natural. That is why we have chosen materials that are certified by Ecocert and those that are approved by Ecocert - she adds. Clochee cosmetics contain vegetable butter, cold pressed oils, plants extracts, certified active ingredients, natural essential oils and natural preservatives.

-We dont use silicones, mineral oils, paraffin, parabens, dyes or synthetic fragrances, ethoxylated substances, carbomers, or propylene glycol - lists Justyna Szuszkiewicz at once - Our key slogan is "We have nothing to hide", that is why all information about the cosmetic composition can be found on our website – she emphasizes.

Clochee example proves that a natural cosmetic can smell nice, look elegant, be effective and very efficient at the same time. The brand owners ensure that all you need a small amount of cosmetics to see a great effect. All these advantages have been recognized in numerous, competitions and cosmetic polls. The title of 2015 Cosmetic, in the category Polish cosmetics, and in the prestigious Elle International Beauty Awards competition was won by a smoothing oil make-up remover. - For us, this award is the culmination of all our efforts, because our work with the brand and our "adventure" with this industry has begun from this moment – Justyna Szuszkiewicz says. But it does not mean an end of awards. One is the Glamour Editors Choice in Glammies plebiscite for Clochee rejuvenating and regenerating night cream. Vege magazine and the International Movement for Animals Viva! Granted Clochee cosmetics a V sign, given to ethical products suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

What does distinguish the brand from other brands of natural cosmetics? - We are a small company, we focus on people and their needs - says Daria Prochenka – The most important is also the fact that first of all we test everything on ourselves, our family and friends. If there is anything that we do not like or we have any doubts, the product will certainly never hit the shelves - she says.

The cosmetic packaging also confirms the brand ecological responsibility. They come from recycling and can be reused. In case of peeling, the brand has gone even one step further - packaging is made of d2w, which is an agent that causes a faster degradation of the jar under the influence of oxygen. Thrown in the trash, it will not decompose after a few years but not after few hundreds.

- In order to be 100% organic, we give up on double packaging of cosmetics - says Daria Prochenka - We do not put them in paper, plastic-wrapped cardboard boxes. We do not print catalogues or unnecessary leaflets. Even fillers for cartons send to customers are environmentally friendly, made from cornstarch. The manufacturer has ensured us that there are so natural that everyone can eat them! Of course we have tasted them, to be sure. In fact, they are natural, nothing has happened to us, but I do not recommend them because they are unpleasant in taste - she laughs.

The owners of the brand have noticed that a small percentage of Poles chooses natural cosmetics consciously Therefore Clochee makes efforts to educate customers through articles in the media, or on their online shop in tab "Clochee Academy". The brand also encourages to employ the principles of small steps. What is it? You can learn more on in the tab "Closer to nature".

- This company is our life – Justyna Szuszkiewicz sums up – We need the same cosmetics as other Poles do, that is why we do what we love to do and we want to share it. Our dream is to bring to the market new products systematically, so that everyone can find something for herself/himself and to develop the brand throughout the world – she ends.

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