Driver, do not let the winter surprise you!

Text : Mariola Weindich-Mašek, photos: press release

6 December 2018

Frost on the windows, temperatures falling below zero, and the first snowfall do mean one thing - this is the last moment to have your car ready for winter. The winter period is a time when we are the most often exposed to danger on the road, in order to eliminate it, you should make your car ready for that in a proper way.

Change tires

Condition of tires is particularly important in difficult weather conditions – on wet, icy surface and when temperatures are low. You should remember that tires designed for winter weather conditions provide much better adhesion and control. – Change the summer tires for the winter ones, when the average temperature will be less than 7 degrees. In order to avoid long queues at the vulcanizer’s, do not delay it for a long time.

Check battery

When we notice that while starting the engine, the starter hardly stimulates it to work, we can suspect that our battery needs recharging. A discharged battery is one of the most common drivers’ problems in winter. –When it is freezing, a fully functional battery that at 25°C has 100% of the energy, at -10°C has only 70% of it. That it is why, especially now, when temperatures are getting lower, the battery should be checked regularly. If we are afraid that our battery will be dead, put jumper cables in the trunk, just in case. - Before connecting the cables, make sure that the electrolyte in the battery is not frozen. If the answer is yes, then we have to go to the service centre and change the battery. If the answer is no, we can start to charge it, having in mind to properly attach the jumper cables.

Service a car

In order to make our car to work well in severe winter conditions, we should earlier service our car. In particular, we should take care of the steering and braking systems, so that in the event of difficult road conditions or skidding, we could react in a proper and safe way. Do not forget to put an ice scraper and a brush in the car, which can be useful in case of getting rid of the excess of snow from our car.