Eco design

9 March 2019

Do you like ecological and design interiors which are very original at the same time? We have an interesting offer of extraordinary furniture just for you. Ecological sofas and furniture made of cardboard! One of them was made of recycled Styrofoam, and the second one of - the cardboard. All lovers of ecology will be undoubtedly delighted by both sofas. They may not serve for years but they will be ideal for young people who love eco design and are not emotionally attached to the furniture.

These two fantastic pieces of furniture can be seen in Mirakulum Park in the Czech Republic. Two display examples are exhibits used during ecology classes. Thanks to it, you can shape in the youngest children not only love for ecological lifestyle, but also feeling of good design and creative thinking.

Pieces of the cardboard furniture are becoming more and more popular - not only abroad, but also in our country. There are many examples in the Polish designers’ offers. Among them, there is the Larvik chair made of corrugated cardboard, designed by Michał Kędzia and made by Robert Chruściel. LARVIK is a very modern piece of furniture, inspired by Scandinavian design.

Manufacturers of corrugated cardboard furniture ensure that they are very durable and theres nothing strange in it. It is because, the manufacturers use very durable cardboard, usually 5-layer with a paper density of 1500 g/m2 and a thickness of 7 mm. In addition, a hard layer of varnish, ecological one of course, protects furniture from the adverse effect of water. It happens very often that up to 70% of the raw material required for the production of cardboard for furniture comes from recycled paper.

Another advantage is the weight of the furniture. With cardboard furniture, you can rearrange your room as often as you want to. For designers, ecological thinking means constant searching for new, eco-friendly solutions, but also functional ones in everyday use. Unique ideas for innovative and ecological interiors are based on the re-use of unnecessary objects and giving them a second life. It all depends on your imagination and creativity.