Text and photo: Mariola Weindich-Mašek

12 December 2018

ECO = ECO series, or how to use simple solutions, what to buy and what to do in order to live ecologically and economically at the same time.
Today in our series, we will focus on an ecological garden. We will enumerate the benefits of having a compost bin and we will suggest you how to make a recycled compost bin.

Compost bin is an extremely valuable and important thing- every gardener knows about it. Thanks to having the compost bin, you will have a valuable soil, while getting rid of old plants or any organic waste from the kitchen in an ecological way.

In order to make your compost bin work perfectly, you should remember about few important details. Processes occurring in the compost bin are completely natural! Millions of tiny organisms decompose organic matter, converting it into a fertile garden soil. To make these processes occurred at an appropriate pace – you should keep in mind that these microorganisms need air and water. Therefore, the walls of the compost bin should never be completely closed.

Place for the compost bin is another important issue. We should find a warm, quiet and sunny corner of the garden. Thanks to it, you will not be bothered by smells from the compost bin while spending time in the garden. Let us remember that we also need enough space to get to the compost bin with a wheelbarrow. That is why compost bin always should also stand on the soil rather than a concrete or cube.

The best compost bins are those with the greatest variety of waste, which should be mixed every few months. Without mixing and ventilating, the compost will lose its temperature quickly (which supports the processes of decay) and the fertile garden soil will be ready in a year. It is also good to crumble all organic waste before throwing them to the compost bin- it will also speed up the decomposition process.

Plastic compost bins look aesthetically, but in practice they are not as good as those made of boards or nets. The compost bin is in fact an ecological action, so it should be ecological as well. Old pallets will be ideal for its construction! You can use them to create a truly beautiful compost bin. Just paint them with ecological wood stain, thanks to it our compost bin will be not only practical but also aesthetic.