Eco-Shoes - for the environment and the fight against poverty

Text: Anna Plaszczyk, photos: press release

5 February 2020

Impressive, colourful high heels, comfortable flip-flops and classic sandals - all made from recycled materials – it is an offer of Eco-Shoes brand from Ghana. In this way, company fights against environmental pollution and an exclusion of disabled people taking place in the poorest regions of the world.

Mabel Suglo, a social entrepreneur from Ghana, is working to minimize poverty. In 2013, he invented Eco-Shoes project, designed to help local craftsmen with disabilities in the development and sale of shoes made from used tires and recycled fabrics. - In Ghana, there are millions of used car tires and many other waste materials that can be a threat to human health and the environment - Mabel Suglo says - Eco-Shoes gives a new life to tires and other waste, that can be harmful to the environment, in order to create fashionable and comfortable shoes - he explains.

Eco-Shoes project is based on the idea of public enterprise, which invests in the environment by waste upcycling, which greatly increases their value. At the same time, disabled people, who have no chance of finding a job on the open labour market, have the opportunity to work.

By selling durable and universal shoes made from processed tires and material remnants, Eco-Shoes creates workplaces that inspire whole local communities to reuse waste and extend their life cycle. In this way, we all gain - local communities are finding market niches through which they can make money in difficult market conditions and there is less waste left in the environment. In Eco-Shoes offer you can find impressive and extremely colourful high heels, which are sold in sets with bags, as well as all kinds of flip-flops.