Text: Anna Plaszczyk, photos: press release

30 January 2018

They restore the life of old washing machines, because it is one of the forms of ecology for them. At the same time, they have created a unique project, which has become increasingly popular in Europe. Ecodesigne are natural materials and passion for the craft.

Ecodesigne is a project based on respect for the environment and the fascination of recycling. – Recovery of materials is one of the forms of ecology for us - says Katarzyna Nowak from Ecodesign - In addition, we use only natural materials. We try the design and the realization of our products the be versatile and durable. So that thay would not get bored or destroyed too quickly - adds the designer. Ecodesign works with the best local craftsmen. That is why it does not only receive the products of a good quality, but it also supports local businesses, minimalizes transport costs (financial and environmental). This system also allows you to improve the production at the every stage and react to customer feedback during production.

- Why have we chosen these values? Because we do not know better ones - says Katarzyna Nowak - However, success in this or any other industry depends not only on public awareness or environment. What counts is good intentions, time, commitment to work and a bit of luck. The most important is to do what you are good at and what gives you satisfaction, and the money will follow - she explains. Ecodesign is not art for arts sake. It is becoming more and more popular in Poland and abroad. The lamps from washing machine drums became a real bestseller.

- Lamps made of these drums are very popular in the creative industry, often recommended by architects to apartments or commercial space - explains Katarzyna Nowak. Wooden calendars, which are popular among consumers and companies, are by far the most interesting. Companies choose our products as gifts for their clients.

The pendant lamp "Drum" made from the drum of washing machine, is a 100% recyclable. Owing to its interesting structure, it distributes the light perfectly and creates the unique atmosphere.