Electric bike

9 March 2017

Although we are fans of active rest, and above all we love to ride on a regular bicycle, our attention was caught by electric bike. It is in fact a good option for all those who want to overcome very long distances cycling, but the health not always permits them.

Electric bike is an excellent alternative for active older people and all lovers of riding on a moped. Riding on electric bikes can be faster than on a normal bike and more eco-friendly than on a moped.

Electric bicycle is a product ecological and environmental friendly in 100%. It does not emit any exhaust gases, does not cause noise! It is an ideal solution for overcrowded cities. You can go anywhere - without getting stuck in traffic jams!

It is also important that you can ride it like a normal bike, but only in an emergency or in the event of a large fatigue turn the motor on to rest for some time.
A2B Company has eleven models of e-bikes in its offer.

Thanks to that, every fan of these one-track vehicles will find a solution for themselves. Most of them develop speed to 25 km/h, with a maximum range of up to 100km. Engine loading time is from 3-6 hours.
E-bike is a new approach to traveling by bicycle. This is a new way of ecological travelling - at a rapid pace, in large cities.