EVO Urban Utility

28 February 2018

EVO Urban Utility is a city bike... printed in 3D technology. You can go on a terrain with it and thanks to amount of accessories – carry with you everything you need. EVO combines usefulness of a city bike with reliability and geometrics of mountain bike. You can satisfy needs of a biker with different interests and lifestyle thanks to that.

Most of the metal elements of a bike have been made out of steel in 3D printing technique. Amount of welds have been reduced thanks to that. Bike is not just prettier, but more elastic as well. Frame is characterized not just with surprising symmetric, but beautiful and thrifty design. Frame shape is inspired by the famous San Francisco towers and bridges. Symmetrical frame have been designed, to held significant load, carried as well as on front and at the back of a bike. Its shape is functional and recognizable at the same time.

EVO is featured with a number of additives. Racks basket, holster, baby chairs are included. Thanks to inventive system of its mount, we can change it with almost one touch. Extremely clever is an anti-theft system as well. Closing is mounted... in bikes frame. It also includes hybrid city-mountain tires, which deals easily on more difficult terrain.

Group from San Francisco is responsible for EVO. Among its constructors is Tom Schoeniger from Cycle Works and a teacher of design on local university. Hes responsible for creation of bike frame for the most part.