Fair pants

Text: Anna Plaszczyk, photos: press release

26 March 2017

FAIRPANTS is the first in Poland and in the whole Europe company that produces underwear made of the certified organic cotton FAIRTRADE.

The creator of the brand decided to set up the company that will earn money in an ethical manner and that will not be harmful for the environment at the same time. The Fairpants has a chance to create opportunities for the people living and working in the developing countries. Especially taking under consideration the fact that the underwear produced in this way is beautiful, original and comfortable. Made of the organic cotton and other durable materials using the traditional abilities it is modern and daring at the same time.

The Fairpants contributes to decreasing the poverty in the most marginalised part of the society in the world. From each bought item the company gives share to the Fairtrade International.

We cannot omit the health issue connected to the usage of the cotton underwear coloured only with the organic colorants. The cotton underwear is just healthier than its artificial equivalents. Frequent wearing of the artificial or silk underwear increases the risk of infecting the women’s genital system. Why? Because the synthetic, non-breathable materials keep moisture and bacteria which in result can lead to serious infections and complications.

For now in the offer of Fairpants there are two models of women’s underwear – the classical and „surf“. Each of them is available in 3 colour versions.