Floating House

Text: Anna Bełezina, photos: press release

14 February 2020

There are many interesting and beautiful places where you can live and spend your leisure time. From the mountains to the sea ... on a tree or by the lake. There is also an opportunity to live not only by.. but on the water!

Friday company has mastered the creation of high-tech, naval devices and aquatic recreational equipment. Thats how Floatwing houseboat was created. This mobile house was created by an ingenious team of engineers from the University of Combria, with 30 years of experience in the field of construction, electrical engineering and hydraulics. Today, the team consist of more than 20 qualified scientists and engineers. They do make efforts to make their solutions energy-efficient and environmentally sustainable.

Floating House is dedicated to all people who like to spend time close to the water, it can serve as a base for water sports such as sailing, water skiing and fishing. In addition Floatwing hauseboat is a perfect place for relaxation in the open air, for a romantic trip for two, but also an outing of a family wanting to spend a weekend actively. Hauseboat have a freeboard, the highest in its class, thanks to it, entering and exiting is easy and safe. Two small outboard engines allow to accelerate to three knots. The system is electric. After charging, the house is self-sufficient for at least 7 days. The house is 6 meters wide, and from 10 to 18 meters long. Space created in this way is enough to build a cosy studio or a fully furnished house.

The project includes a fully furnished kitchen, three rooms (including bedroom), heat pumps and AC generator. The favourable climate for relax on sunny days is created by a barbecue on the upper deck and a winery, located below. What is very important - the sea house has been designed with high ecological consciousness. Low materials consumption and the usage of modern technologies reduces carbon emissions and lowers energy consumption of the house. It also has a small, active, plant wastewater treatment system. The modular design of the house allows to store equipment and furniture in two standard containers that can be sent to everywhere in the world. Friday company ensures that its project is a responsible entertainment. Are you ready to spend an unconventional weekend?

Floatwing hauseboat

Floatwing hauseboat, dom na wodzie,

Floatwing hauseboat, dom na wodzie

Floatwing hauseboat