Forest settlement

Text: Anna Bełezina, photos: press release

30 January 2020

Our attention will always be caught by places, the location of which and their other qualities can encourage us to abandon the city with its ubiquitous noise and haste.
These are the places that we can reach by leaving the main road, and all that we find proves that ecology and a close contact with nature do not exclude the comfort of our rest. Osada Osjaków is such a place.

Osjaków is a small village in Poland, located in Łódź region, in the basin of Warta river. The commune is bordered by two natural landscape parks and is located in Osjakowski Landscape- Nature Protected complex. In this place -good for contemplation, Osada Osjaków was created. The settlement consists of three modern, wooden houses and three apartments, built in Scandinavian style, using a skeleton technology. All buildings have central heating and are available for tourists all year round. Up to 30 people can be accommodated there. The charming cottages have a fully equipped kitchen and elegant toilet.

Although the owners want to encourage their guests to spend time in contact with nature, still the cottages can offer comfort - high-speed internet or television. After wandering in the forest you can experience relaxation in a cosy SPA, with sauna and jacuzzi. Main terrace, located in front of heart of the forest, can offer wonderful views. Osada guests who want an active holiday can rent bicycles. There is also the possibility of organizing individual canoeing. You can also ride a horse in befriended stables located just 4 km away. A trip to the forest land can be a good gift for the loved ones, or just become a romantic trip. Regardless the motivation, it could be a wonderful way to rest from everyday life rushing in the incredible speed.

osada osjakow

osada osjaków wypoczynek na łonie natury