Garden in the apartment

Text: Anna Bełezina, photos: press release

10 December 2018

The best things to eat, the healthiest ones, and free of chemicals you can find in our own garden. If you live in the city, and you want to continue your grandmothers tradition, we have a great solution for you. Garden in the apartment by Urban Cultivator!

Urban Cultivator Company has created a convenient solution for all living in a hurry in the big cities, who want to diversify their diet. Thats how the Urban Cultivator was created- a device where small vegetables and favourite organic herbs can be grown all year round!
The device is easy to use thanks to automatic irrigation cycles.

Everything is done using water from the municipal water supply system. It is built like a fridge and it consumes very little energy. The seeds are put on special plates, and the device can be activated by pushing a button. Cultivator is certified by CSA, and it has a three-year warranty. The machine has an automatic lighting function, thanks to which the plant will have an appropriate amount of it.

The cultivator is designed to provide plants with all the nutrients they need. The plants need less time to ripen, and the amount of nutrients is bigger at the same time. In a word – they will be even more healthy and tasteful. Urban Cultivator company offers a wide range of seeds and herbs available in their online store. The manufacturer ensures that its products are 100% organic, GMO-free and spraying and any other chemicals that are added while they ripe on large farms.

Thanks to this practical solution: which Urban Cultivator is, everyone can enjoy the taste of favourite spices and ensure high quality of each dish. Having a garden has never been easier!

ae urban cultivator indoor garden

ae urban cultivator

ae urban cultivator friday

ae urban cultivator friday