“Garden oasis”

Text: Anna Bełezina,photos: press release

20 March 2019

Sometimes we all need a little privacy, a place where time “stops” for a moment, and we can clear our head, relax. No matter what you do - your job will be more rewarding when you do it away from the hustle and bustle. Chris Sneesby- a British architect has taken care of anyone who dreams of a small, "oasis of peace" of their own.

Archipod, a three-meter sphere, from the outside resembling a coconut or a cone - because of the husks - is nothing but an office space. In order to make it an oasis, the designer has taken care to make the structure insulated properly. This small room has been equipped with everything necessary for work. Inside, there is a specially shaped shelf that can be used as a desk, even for two people. Archipod has a telephone line and electrical installation that can be connected to your home network and you can use your computer and your phone at your will.

A big advantage of the garden office is that it has a meter hinged roof and double glazed porthole placed in the wall. As a result, there is an adequate ventilation and sun rays can take care about the proper dose of daylight. An important element is also the door closed on a lock and opened with the support of gas operators.
Its price is ranging about 12 000 pounds. The company ensures that it is able to send the product in every place in the UK and put it on concrete foundations.

Eco-friendly, modern capsule seems to be the perfect idea for those who don’t want to work in the traditional offices.