Greentom Upp - the most green stroller in the world

25 September 2018

Greentom Upp is not only a pram with great design for children, but it is also a brand that connects ecology with the customers comfort. Thanks to it, it actively fights for a greener future for its clients and their children.

Greentom designs 100% ecological products having the youngest and their future in mind. Nowadays they provide them with comfort - tomorrow they will not litter their environment. The principle: "Less is more" reflects a design philosophy of the company. In this way, a pram for children Greentom Upp has been created, in its design there are no bizarre things, it is functional and easy to use.

First, undeniable advantage of the Greentom Upp pram is its simplicity. It is not just about economical, Danish design, but also about its simplicity. The pram is entirely made of a high quality recycled plastic - its frame is made of polypropene, and the seat is made of PET bottles. Cover of Upp Reversible model is 51 PET bottles, Upp Carrycot - 53, and Upp Classic - 58 bottles. Thanks to it, the stroller is durable and lightweight at the same time. Upp Carrycot model weighs 9,1 kg, Upp Reversible – 8,5 kg and Upp Classic - only 7,3 kg.

A key advantage of a good design is the functionality of a product. In the case of Greentom Upp, larger rear wheels and smaller, turning front ones can help manoeuvring through crowded streets or in the supermarket. The pram frame has a natural cushioning properties. No crossbar between the rear wheels can prevent parents or guardians from stumbling and tibia injury. An integral part of the pram is also a functional and roomy shopping basket.

Greentom Upp meets all European safety standards. The pram has belts with pads, a guard rail and a foot brake. When it is needed - it can be folded into a small package that can be easily transported by car and plane. It can also be easily stored in the apartment.

The pram is manufactured in 2 versions as a pram or a pushchair (for younger and older children). Each model has different combinations of three frame colours (white, grey, and black) and ten colours of tapestry.

The brand takes care of the environment at all stages of production and utilization of prams. Thanks to the local production, Greentom minimizes air pollution resulting from long-distance transport. But its not the end of their taking care of the environment. After product is used, it can be returned to the manufacturer. This ensures that all materials will be reused, and the parents can be responsible for theirs and their childrens future.