Hair regeneration after winter

Text: Anna Plaszczyk, photos: press release

28 March 2017

After winter hair is dry and damaged. It is enough to conduct few simple treatments to regain glare and health. Among the professional products for regeneration you can also use oil and cider vinegar!

Oiling the hair became fashionable a while ago but already after testing this method on my own hair I can say that it really works. In my case the linseed oil with few drops of pichtae oil is great. Such a mixture is put on my hair at the half of its length, then I fold them in the foil cap and a towel, I warm it with a hair dryer  (gently!) and forget about it. Sometimes for a half an hour and sometimes for three. I have never managed to keep this mixture on my hair the whole night.

After oiling my hair I wash them thoroughly with a herbal shampoo. Then I rinse out with a cold water with a cider vinegar in the proportion of 1 part of vinegar for 10 parts of water. Opposite to the colouring agents or the aftercare cosmetics they are not strongly alkaline and they do not increase the Ph level. It would lead to the opening of the hair cuticle which makes the hair matt, knotted, frizzy and broken. The vinegar wash balance the Ph of the hair after treating them with the alkaline cosmetics and it closes the hair cuticle. Such hair is easier to comb, they can be stylised better and will be glossy. Mine became curly again.

For those who prefer trusting the ready cosmetics, Floslek prepared the ELESTABion R series for using in several steps.

Step 1 – washing with a regenerating shampoo. It gives vitality, regenerates, nourishes and builds the hair structure. It makes the hair soft and frizzy and it eliminates the causes of dandruff and prevents from recurrence. It contains a ginseng extract, the Prebiotic and the Elastab HP 100.

Step 2 – regenerating mask which strengthens, regenerates and smoothens the fragile hair, making them silky soft and it protects the colour of the dyed hair. The mask contains creatine, the ginseng extract, argan and apricot oil as well as the Fucogel.

Step 3 – therapy – after rinsing out and a gentle drying, we massage the intensively regenerating hair cure into the scalp. This agent nourishes, regenerates and oxidizes the bulbs, delays the aging process of the scalp and hair, enhances their look and condition, smoothens the surface and prevents the damages. It does not weight down, does not electrify and stick the hair as well as it does not irritate the scalp.

Step 4 – multifunctional serum for dry or wet hair. The dermocosmetic regenerates the dry, weak and damaged hair. It protects from the loss of moisture and pollution, it smoothens, gives the silky softness, gloss and resilience. The serum ensures  the thermal protection from the warmth of hair dryer, curler or a straightener, it prolongs the durability of the colour of the dyed hair. It contains the multifunctional smoothening complex, the liquid silk and E vitamin.