House on wheels

Text: Anna Bełezina, photos: press release

23 November 2018

25 meters, a wooden structure, a flat roof... Its shape resembles a caravan, but its definitely something more. Its a brilliantly organized living space for all lovers of long-distance travels as well as those who appreciate the time spent close to nature!

Austrian designers are aware of a sophisticated, timeless design- hence the idea of Wohnwagon. A caravan built using natural materials, mainly the recycled ones. Outer material consists of larch wood, which is very durable. Resin and oils contained in it have anti-bacterial properties and repel moths and other insects.

On the roof there are four solar panels that can produce 1,2 kW of power, and its excess is stored in 6 kWh battery. In addition the roof, thanks to its flat design, is a part of the water purification system, which stores the water in a tank under the floor and is heated by a wood heated oven.

The space of the house is extended by the terrace with marquise. The interior is lightened by the sun coming through classic wooden, double-glazed windows. The centre of the caravan is a big, open space, isolated with a sheep wool. The wool regulates the temperature and humidity in the room. Interior is filled with functional furniture, decorated in a loft style. 25 square meters caravan contains a bedroom, a kitchen, an office and a bio toilet.

The caravan has a monitoring system allowing the residents to control their energy consumption. Wohnwagon can be an inspiring place to work as well as to rest, or the place of integration with nature. Furthermore, it has everything necessary for living.

dom w przyczepie wohnwagon

dom na kółkach wohnwagon

dom w przyczepie wohnwagon

dom na kółkach wohnwagon

piękne wnętrze przyczepy campingowej wohnwagon