Human Nest

Text: Anna Plaszczyk, photos: press release

1 June 2019

We have already written about hotels in the rocks, bubble-tents and non-standard campsites. But tree-house Human Nest is an absolutely unique idea. In this hotel, you can spend a night in a nest! Human Nest was built on the top of Highway 1 in Big Sur. In Treebones Resort you can choose a camping site, an accommodation in one of the numerous yurts or in a bird nest. Note, however, that this accommodation is not for fearsome people. Big Sur, situated on the Pacific coast in California, is quite humid and foggy, regardless of the season.

The nest is big enough for two people. There is a mattress and a couple of pillows, but guests must have their own sleeping bags or bedding. Human Nest is away from yurts, allowing guests to relax and fully integrate with nature. Birds living on the same tree are the only companions. From your bed you can see the stars and the ocean. The sea lions can also be heard. Before selecting this option you have to answer one fundamental question - are you willing to give up the accommodation you have known and chose the adventure. A wooden ladder leads to it. Please note that the nest is not waterproof. Therefore, the owners of Treebones Resort recommend to bring your own tent, that can be set near a nest, if it starts to rain.

Human Nest in Ben Sur is not just a place to spend a night, but it is also an extraordinary work of art, made of wood. This structure was made of branches woven by an artist- Jayson Fann. Accommodation for two people in this unusual "hotel" costs $95.

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