ISSA - a unique toothbrush

Text: Anna Plaszczyk, photos: press release

13 September 2018

It looks more like a vibrator than a classical toothbrush. It is because of it that traditional electric toothbrushes have lost their appeal. ISSA toothbrush is not only exceptionally beautiful, but it is even more functional than any toothbrush before. If you think that this product cannot become even more revolutionary – you should get to know the Swedish brand of toothbrushes -Foreo!

ISSA does not resemble any produced toothbrush, because it is made entirely of ... silicone. Even the brush head is made of smooth, scratchproof silicone – bacteria cannot deposit there and develop on it and the head should be replaced only once a year. So far, the only silicone elements were whitening ends in electric toothbrushes. Meanwhile, whole ISSA works like a rubber that removes all impurities and discoloration of the teeth. The toothbrush also does not scratch the enamel, like previously known toothbrushes with nylon bristles do.

- ISSA is a true revolution in tooth-brushing - says Agnieszka Kulik-Szewczyk dentist from Exclusive Dental Studio in Poznań- Certainly it is a product for the most demanding customers. It cares for oral hygiene and it looks perfectly. Patients in my clinic are thrilled - she adds.

Even 2-minutes brushing every morning and evening makes teeth whiter and brighter. At the same time, the brush gently massages the gums, thus improving their condition. The brush head is designed to reach all teeth and clean them more precisely. The combination of silicone bristle and high frequency pulsation in ISSA toothbrush effectively removes plaque in a manner that is gentle with the teeth enamel and helps prevent recession of the gums.

ISSA is available in version for children and adults. ISSA mini is available in four colours - yellow, pink, purple and blue. By vibration, the toothbrush indicates how long your teeth should be brushed and after that, there appears a smiling or a sad "face"– it depends on the duration of tooth-brushing of the child- This brush means not only a precise oral hygiene - says the dentist Agnieszka Kulik -Szewczyk - Thanks to its unique appearance and glowing icons, children are even more eager to brush teeth accurately- she says. ISSA mini brush has pulsations and shape of the silicone head adapted to the needs of children above 5 years of age.

- The advantage of this brush is that children can have the same object as their parents - explains Agnieszka Kulik-Szewczyk - More and more often, children are just as demanding as their parents. They dont want fairy-tale objects because they want to be "adult" and they like to be surrounded with beautiful objects - she adds. ISSA mini toothbrush should be charged once every 200 brushing, so it is also ideal for travel.

An "Adult" ISSA is available in four colours - mint, lavender, cobalt and black. -The ISSA for adults has an adjustable pulsating system, so frequency can be adjusted to meet users needs. It does not cause recession of the gums. - says dentist Agnieszka Kulik-Szewczyk - Like the model for the children, the brush tells you how long your teeth should be brushed to achieve the best results - she adds. Whats more - if brushing was more than 12 hours earlier - just like in childs model - the brush emits light, reminding you about brushing your teeth. ISSA has won Silver Adesign Award. The battery of this designer brush will last up to 365 brushings.