Kolabryn Ecolodge

Text: Mariola Weindich-Mašek,photos: press release

18 May 2021

If you love close contact with nature and ecological lifestyle – we can offer you the perfect place to relax. It is a quiet place, almost primitive, without electricity, showers, still giving the possibility of a permanent contact with the surrounding nature.

Kolabryn Ecolodge is a unique hotel, located just a 2 hour drive from Stockholm. It is an ideal place for lovers of nature and animals. The hotel consists of 12 houses, built like ancient forest huts for storing firewood. This amazing place is located in the middle of the forest, and it is as natural as you can imagine. There is no electricity, bathrooms or the latest technologies. It offers instead something that is the most important – nature.

In order to read a book in the evening – you will light a candle. When you feel cold – you will not turn radiator on. Youll have to get out of the hut to pick up some wood and light the fireplace. By the way, you will be able to gather some more of it - on campfire. This is the only way to cook water for tea or prepare a hot meal. This form of cooking will get your childhood back for a while and give you a lot of joy.

When you want to use the toilet – all you have to do is to get out from hut and decide which place suits you. Frightened? Do not worry too much – there are two small bathrooms in the complex. While choosing this unique place, you can enjoy direct contact with nature all the time. In the evening you can also swim in the Skärsjön lake. And if you are cold – you can always use the sauna.

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