Pallet Factory

Text: Anna Plaszczyk, photos: press release

30 May 2021

The fascination of upcycling and love for old wood has given a rise to the unique design, which is the pallets factory. Factory not only wants to sell its imaginative furniture, but also to persuade us to do the same ones by ourselves!

- Pallet Factory was created for those who like innovation, non-standard, as well as the simplest but at the same time the best solution - says Agnieszka Zdanowska, a co-founder of the company –Łukasz and me have been inspired by the accessories and decorations in Scandinavian style and that is why we decided to give a new life to old objects. The first pieces of furniture have been created for personal use.

This concept has appealed to friends and family as well as Facebook profile fans to such an extent that Agnes and Luke soon created a company. Pallet Factory is not only furniture made from pallets. Agnieszka and Łukasz also use the fruit boxes, cables spools and everything that can be reused and redone.

Pallet Factory sells its imaginative furniture. But at the same time it urges all people interested in upcycling, willing to give a second life old wooden objects. – You dont have to be a professional carpenter to create recycled furniture - encourages Agnieszka Zdanowska – The products that the factory is processing are easily available and they are often already written off. All you need is a little bit of imagination to infuse a new spirit in them.

Pallets from Factory are accompanied by old, coffee bags or ladders. The former can be used as an ecological and original upholstery, the latter can be used as a rack, flower bed or hanger. PF also invented and produced jointly with Tricot a great deck chairs using coffee bags.

Euro pallets and old, fruits boxes can give us great opportunities. You can give them a new life as tables, coffee tables, beds, chairs, shelves or flowerbeds. They will look great in the eco-styled flats, but they can function well in the industrial or Scandinavian interiors. Such furniture can also become patio and deck furniture.

What is necessary to take up the challenge of Pallet Factory? Certainly what we need is a workshop, grinders, drills, screwdrivers and the raw material itself. The pallet have to be clean and dry. You have to remove all the chips, it should be grinded, impregnated and painted. Then you can screw together and finish according to your wishes. If you do not have the time nor the desire - you can order the realization of such furniture to Pallet Factory.