Text: Mariola Weindich-Mašek, photos: press release

26 February 2017

Are you looking for your place in the world but you do not know where you would like to build your house? How about a house that allows to live on the water or on the ground? In addition, if it is necessary, you can move it or expand it. Port X – is the name of this amazing facility design.

The unique modular construction that can be placed on the ground, or it can float on the water - that is Port X. It can be a home, an office or a showroom, all depends only on the imagination and needs of the owner. The authors of the Port X, Jerry Koza and Adam Jirkal, in their project, were guided not only by design but mostly by its universality and functionality.

Port X is ideal for everyone. One person, large family or a couple can live there. If your family becomes bigger, you will not have to worry that your house is too small. Because you can adapt it to the new life situation! You do not have to look for a new place. All you have to do is to buy a new module.Port X has another great advantage, especially when it comes to the young and professionally active people or those who like just changing their place of residence.

If you want to change the place of residence, Port X can always be decomposed into segments and transported to the new location.Port X is a one-storey structure, it has a rectangular shape and an even roof.The modules are made of a multilayer composite which consists of several layers of the laminate and insulation. Segments are C-shaped in cross section, i.e. the floor, rear wall and ceiling are connected together.

The glass facade, side windows and skylights placed in the ceiling ensure the adequate lighting. The rear wall has no windows, so it gives us a feeling of comfort and intimacy. The interior of the building can be divided by drywalls. Larch has been used for floors, ceiling and walls, to complete the interior part of the house.If you place an object on the water, the view from the living room is usually oriented on the water. This side elevation has glazed patio door.

The facility has plumbing and electrical, sewage system, fans, sensors, etc. The water is heated by a electric boiler with capacity of 125 liters. Electric floor heating is installed under the floor.The price depends on individual needs and interior decorating. It starts from about 175.000 euro for three-modules object.