PotPot by Washpapa

Text: Anna Plaszczyk, photos: press release

12 September 2020

Tough as leather, during sewing or washing, it behaves like any other fabric. Washpapa is a material made from cellulose fibres and impregnated with latex, which can be ideal for imprinting. A young Polish brand PotPot continue its “adventure” with the material with a very successful collection of decorative bags for storing things.

PotPot a brand created by two friends-girls. – We have been sewing PotPot for several months - Katarzyna Rydzewska, a co-owner of the brand says - once we have seen similar products, sewn in Italy. We thought, why not us and why not in Poland. Me and my friend can sew. That is why our PotPots are handmade products, made in Poland - she adds.

It took a lot of time to find a paper producer. - We wanted to get it from Indonesia, but luckily we managed to find a manufacturer far more closer, in Germany – Katarzyna Rydzewska explains - Washpapa, this is our nickname for this paper, is a special weave of cellulose fibres with a bit of latex, that is why the material is so durable. It doesn’t tear, you can wash it, print on it - she says. The weave of Washpapa material guarantees its flexibility and durability. Thanks to it, it is ideal to wash – it neither deforms nor discolours.

Washpapa is a material that can be used in many different ways. It can used to bind books and calendars, or to produce labels, e g. of jeans. The rest is just a matter of imagination. PotPot has started with purses and bags, but the owners of the brand also want to sew laptop bags or wallets. So far, the PotPot offer includes sacks, which can be put on pots or they can work as decorative packaging for fruit, vegetables or nuts. They can also be used in the bathroom to keep cosmetics in them because PotPots are water-resistant.

- It was the setting process and mastering the methods of sewing that have taken the most of time – Katarzyna Rydzewska says – We have also had to be learn how to stuff the stiff paper. After a long search we have bought an upholstery machine and appropriate threads and needles that do not cut the paper - she adds. The paper can be washed many times. – I have been wearing my Washpapa bag since July and it is still in an excellent condition. At the moment I am experimenting with washing the paper. I have already washed it 19 times and it is still not worn through! - Katarzyna Rydzewska says.

Another Washpapa advantage is its exceptional stability - the material neither shrinks nor extends. Its texture resembles ... skin. Washpapa is available in standard, aged or metallic versions. Each one is available in several colours. Metallic ones are available in silver, gold, tin, brown and red. Antiquated Washpapa is available in the following versions: black, white, Stone Sahara, Gobi and brown.


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