Preparation for summer

Text: Mariola Weindich-Mašek, photos: Mariola Weindich-Mašek, AnnaPlaszczyk

4 April 2017

 Spring and summer means a new resolutions. How many of us, every year, decides about exactly the same – on Monday Ill start exercising. Unfortunately, as it happens in life, theory does not always go hand in hand with practice. So what to do as to not make our enthusiasm a flash in the pan?

1. Do not put anything on after - you feel that you want to do something, start right away, while you are motivated !

2. Be patient realist, set for yourself realistic goals - Remember that you need time to achieve the dream figure. Extra pounds will not disappear in a week, training must be regular and tailored to your abilities.

3. Consult with the experts - Take a medical examination to find out if there are no contraindications to exercise. Buy for yourself a consultation with a personal trainer. Such a person will choose an individual set of exercises just for you, he will check if you are doing it in the right way and will motivate you well enough.

4. Do not give up before three months period of time- This is a key moment. Then you think that your effort goes down the pan, because you cannot see any effects. Meanwhile, your body is working at its own pace and may need more time for a change. If no results bothers you - talk to an expert, analyse your diet and workout.

5. Measure yourself and check weight - Before you start training, you should honestly check your dimensions and write down the dream one. During the entire period of training you will be able to easily monitor your progress and it will motivate you to continue exercising.

6. Change your diet. This is a very important element. Pay attention not only to how much you eat, but primarily what you eat and drink. Sometimes trifle is enough to make all your efforts wasted.

7. Live actively and healthily every day after reaching the dream figure !