Superfood. Food and medicine of the future.

Text and photos: Mariola Weindich-Mašek

9 February 2019

Superfood is a mysterious word that conquers the culinary dictionaries all over the world. What the superfood products are and how to add them to our diet? These questions can be exhaustively answered by David Wolfe in his book "Superfood. Food and medicine of the future". More and more often we hear: "You are what you eat!". For some, it is a kind of an annoying cliché, used too often, for others - an empty opinion, in which they simply do not believe in. But today, thanks to research, we know that this sentence is frighteningly true. Already in antiquity, Hippocrates used to say: "Your food should be a medicine, and your medicine should be your food." Food, above all, has a huge impact on the functioning of our body. It has an influence on our physical, mental health, our libido, sleep, IQ or vitality. Every bite of a processed food with a poor quality is another step that brings us closer to diseases of affluence. Is there a recipe? Of course – the only thing you need to know is what to eat to give your body valuable ingredients as much as it is possible. Thanks to them in a natural way, we strengthen our bodies, we will be more energetic, but above all - healthier.

On the market you can find many interesting publications about healthy nutrition. This time editors of Active & Eco recommend the book "Superfood. Food and Medicine of the Future," David Wolf. This is the first publication about superfood on Polish market. This book is really worth reading! There you will find information about what superfood is, descriptions of products such as aloe vera, spirulina, algae, hemp seeds, coconut, acai, noni or bee products. In addition, the book contains recipes and what is important - practical tips how to add superfood to our daily diet.
David Wolfe is a well-known expert, studying issues of a raw food diet and healthy nutrition. The originator of a healthy chocolate in a RAW version. In the last 20 years he has spoken about organic and raw food about 2500 times. In his publications, Wolfe calls for changing of a diet and lifestyle. His greatest passion is the production of raw organic chocolate made of cocoa beans.