Terra Nation – bags and towels

Source: press release

6 April 2017

Terra Nation wants to offer people the appropriate surroundings for a carefree and optimal experience of the beach: while going, staying and leaving it.

The carrying category includes 3 bags, 1 modular cooling box and 1 carry tool that render the boring carrying around to fun. All bags are functional and elegant, and they offer special lashing points for the mat, and a cooling compartment (indicated with a blue zipper) able to keep your lunch, refreshments and water cool for long periods of time. They offer convenient waterproof spaces for liquids and wet stuff and they have networks that do not allow for the sand to get trapped, preventing it this way from getting in your car or house.

Representing product is the double bag Tama Kopu (Mothers Belly) that offers an overall capacity of 40 litres (6 of them being the cooling compartment), special pockets with easy access and other pockets for organizing and ensuring valuable or fragile belongings. Finally, it offers a large waterproof compartment for carrying liquid or wet things such as towels and bathing suits. Tane Kopu is practical, unique and stylish beach bag with features that offer to the users efficient solutions when going and staying at the beach.

The towels effectively absorb the wetness of off the sensitive skin, while at the same time they take care of the skin and prevent the occurrence of bad odors due to their antibacterial properties. The long lasting and soſt mat comes effectively in between the earth and the human body, respecting both equally, making thus staying at any shore, sandy, rocky, clayey or grassy, easy and natural.

Representing product is One Moe (Sand Dreams) towel, which in addition to its antibacterial properties, it offers the possibility of attaching a pillow for an ergonomic resting, while it also offers carefully positioned pockets to allow for stability on the sunbeds. The double faced mat Tehe Moe (Flowing Dreams) is easily cleaned, light, stable and it makes resting in every type of ground comfortable, no matter how hard it is.