Terra Nation – shades and umbrellas

Text: Anna Plaszczyk, photos: press release

15 April 2017

The Terra Nation brand was created to cover the needs for an innovative, high profile, reliable and overall solution of outdoor gear for the beach. A group of specialists in the sector combined with our three decades of experience worked to create something more than a line of functional, innovative and high quality products.

This category includes three shades and two umbrellas that provide for optimal sun protection (UPF +50) and cover multiple functional needs. This representing product is the Roa Kohu (Big Cloud) shade, an innovative shading system designed by Terra Nations creative department. It offers streamlined design able to provide for a really big shaded area, while allowing for the air to pass through it.

It has proven stability even in the strongest wind and it offers a 360 degree peripheral vision for optimal touch with nature. It is designed in a way that makes its building, staying under its shade, its removal and its storage quite easy and self explanatory, so as to save time and energy for the user.

ROAKOHU is the sun shade with innovative aerodynamic design for excellent resistance in windy conditions. REKAKOHU and HAREKOHU are the sun shelters with automatic opening and closing system.

KAUKIRI and RUAKIRI are light weight and practical beach umbrellas, with innovative features that provide comfort and sun protection at the beach. Light aluminum pole for easy transportation and fabric with sun protection coating.