Wedding is in the nature

Text: Anna Plaszczyk, photos: press release

13 September 2019

Are you dreaming about getting married in the open air? Do you want to start a new stage of life close to nature, in harmony with nature and your lifestyle? Polish law already accepts these possibilities. You can take advantage of a unique solution, experienced firsthand by Małgosia and Marek. They can offer a marriage in a yurt - a natural, original and beautiful solution.

- The first outdoor wedding was organized two years ago – Małgosia Nawracaj recalls her own wedding – it took place in a circular area of a yurt, in a clearing surrounded by forest. A fairy-tale atmosphere of reception with friends, closeness with nature and the feeling of freedom that accompanied us on our wedding day encouraged us to prepare that outdoor weddings also for others. And that is how we are building a tale about wedding yurts where we even today can organize a reception in Poland - she adds. A wedding yurt is a round, lightweight construction, made of natural materials. A wooden, open-work structure and a floor and a skylight on the yurt roof are the elements that create its elegant, fairy-tale style, perfectly corresponding with the natural surroundings.

A wedding in a yurt can be an alternative to large wedding receptions, so common in Poland, performed according to similar patterns. The yurt encourages to create small parties. In this way, Małgosia and Marek Nawracaj organize weddings parties for up to 60 guests. – In the Yurt you do not feel the cold of marble walls, only the smell of wood and nature surrounding guests of the newlyweds- says Małgosia Nawracaj – Outdoor civil marriage has a less official tone. And those who want to be closer to an indigenous culture, we propose a ceremony according to Indian tradition with live ethnic music - she adds.

Outdoor wedding is possible thanks to changes in regulations concerning marriage. This form of marriage in Poland is getting better and better. However, in comparison to other European countries - this topic is still in nappies. For many years, weddings in a natural style has been a growing trend in England or France. Observing these trends, there is no need to worry about whether Poland is a good place for a wedding reception in a yurt?

For us, the climate is more favourable than for the British, besides the yurt can better than a tent solve the problem of cold or heat during weddings - says Małgosia Nawracaj - Its shape and construction allow for natural air circulation, thereby it can maintain the optimum temperature in the middle - she says. The answer to the question, whether Poland is a country of outdoor weddings, is primarily a multitude of locations that we offer couples. In Poland there are many beautiful places where such weddings can be organized.

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