Bluesign at every step

Text: Anna Plaszczyk, photos: press release

2 August 2016

Bluesign is a sign of ecological quality, environment care and production safety. Several outdoor companies can boast about the Bluedesign sign,the one that follow the principles of sustainable development. Resource efficiency, consumer safety, low emissions to air and water and work safety – each textile supplier on the market trying to achieve the Bluesign must follow these principles.

Resource efficiency is an ecologically and eonomically justified rule, which minimalizes the usage of natural resources, thanks to which the negative impact of production on the environment is limited in a maximal way. Thanks to decrease of water and energy usage this rule is also profitable in an economic context, and the whole process is more efficient.

Consumer safety is something more than a higher quality of products, that cause no danger for their users health. Caring for the environment, in which consumers live, has become as important in business as the highest quality of created product. Bluesign also means high standards of work safety. Producers who possess the Bluesign implement particular procedures and training, involving storaging and handling with hazardous substances.Bluesign also stands for protection from dust and noise for employees.
Bluesign standards have been implemented in companies such as Black Diamond, Deuter Sport, Haglöfs, Helly Hansen, JACK WOLFSKIN, La Sportiva, Mammut, Marmot, Patagonia, Salewa, The North Face, Vaude, Nike and The Burton Corporation.

Since 2011 Burton has actively implemented Bluesign procedures, thanks to which our products and supply chain are even better, both for people and the Earth. Bluesign is a gold standard, thanks to which you are sure, that products are free from hazardous chemical substances and are made in a responsible way, and all of that with considerably smaller usage of natural resources. Every year we are going to increase the amount of our products with the Bluesign tag – says Ali Kenney from Burton Snowboards.

Every product in accordance with blue standard is tagged with the Bluesign sign. A blue tag with the inscription „product" means that all the material used for sewing clothing ( also zips, buttons, buckles etc) are safe for users and the environment, whereas tag "approved fabrics" means that at least 90% of the textiles used in the product meet the strict requirements of safety.