Cosmic Ziiiro

Text: Mariola Weindich-Mašek, photos: press release

23 July 2022

Time, measured by light ring systems, can give our lives a completely different rhythm. Cosmic rhythm. Ziiiro Saturn Watch is a watch for all those who are fond of original and beautiful objects.The design team at Ziiiro have always had a knack for innovative watch designs, and their latest offering in the Ziiiro Saturn Watch shows that they are only getting better.

"Cosmic" collection from Ziiiro has been extended with sports design, similar to the Celeste model. Saturn shows the time through the illuminated ring systems. The all black ace features an outer ring of 12 segments that reads the hours, while the inner ring showing 60 different segments indicates the minutes. The watch is available in a handful of subtle color options including black, gunmetal, and a sleek chrome timepiece.