Christmas tree ONE TWO TREE

Text: Anna Plaszczyk, photos: press release

18 December 2021

Exclusive and Eco friendly Christmas tree is no longer a dream. Collection of wooden Christmas trees, created in Australia, delight with its simplicity and unique design. ONE TWO TREE is a special tree that can change completely its look in one minute and will serve us for many years.

- It was a very special year - said Lucy McNamara, the author of the collection. We had a new house, our child was born. We were very excited about our first family Christmas. To decorate our house, we choose solid made, wooden and practically designed furniture because in the long run it is cheaper. We have known there will be no exception with our Christmas tree. There was one more condition, Christmas tree needed to be environmentally-friendly – She added. So our adventure with Eco friendly Christmas trees has begun.

There were only cheap, artificial single-use trees, which are even unable to survive one Christmas period not only our life. For Lucy, it is unacceptable to cut down evergreen tree for Christmas decoration purposes. After many research she decided she would do her own Christmas tree.

First ONE TWO TREE was made of wood waste. For the next several weeks Lucy and her husband have been working on this crazy project. - When eventually the tree was ready we were convinced that we created something absolutely unique – said Lucy McNamara – The tree was an ecological and stylish alternative to traditional Christmas tree.

85 centimeters high tree consists of 26 mobile modules that revolve around its trunk. One set will give you many arrangement ideas, so each year the tree may have different look. You can hang Christmas decorations on it. Lucy McNamara also offers ceramic stars or decorative kit of little paper pyramids. ONE TWO TREE Christmas tree is made of pine plywood. The wood is certified by Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and Australian Forestry Standard (AFS).

On her online blog Lucy shows creative ways to decorate a Christmas tree. ONE TWO TREE can be bought here