Eco lifestyle

Text and photos: : Mariola Weindich-Mašek

7 May 2023

Eco-life is becoming more popular. The number of people who want to care about the nature and live in balance with the environment is increasing. The most important is to understand it is not only this whats surrounding us, its ourselfes. We are a part of the nature, with animals, plants, gases, liquids, solids and everything we produce.

The result of this is very easy: each of our action creates a certain reaction. In order to live eco we dont have to change our life extremely. You just need to think about it how to live in a way to do as less harm to the world as you can.

1.Eco driving is popular – This new fashion has incredibly big influence on environment and our wallets. One are practising it because of savings, others because of their attachment to ecology. Each reason is good if the environment is earning. Remember – eco driving is an economical driving, often also more safe than the classic one. So resign from high rotation, stop with the engine and use first gear only in order to begin ride

2.LED bulbs are technology of the future – In order to pay less for the energy you have to save it. You have to make it wise though. In places where the light is lighting for a long time, energy saving bulbs will be perfect. But there, where we are only for a little while this kind of bulbs wont be saving any energy. It is worth to think about LED bulbs. Their advantages are low energy intake, efficiency and large number of colours and shapes. Though they are more expensive than the energy saving ones, in general calculation buying them is more profitable.

3.Saving water – Lets use aerators! This devices are put on our taps. Their task is to aerate stream of water and create a bigger volume, thanks to that the usage of water is lower. In modern toilets you can choose eco option, in older one you just have to regulate water stream. Turn off our taps – while brushing our teeth and shaving water is often overused, completely unnecessary. It is calculated that during this kind of activities we waste from 2 to 3 liters of water. Not so much? Multiply it per two, three teeth brushing, number of housemates and the number of days in one year. You will be surprised!

4.Building – If you plan to build a house, maybe it is worth to think about a passive house? The whole idea is about becoming independent from outdoor energy, thanks to minimasing its usage. The field of activity is here the isolation of the building. In your future house you have one task to prove yourself – you can plan distinction between greywater and blackwater. Greywater is the one from bath and sink. Blackwater is from the toilet. Distinction of this two can let you reuse greywater to flush the toilet. This way we can save clear water from the bath, before it goes to wastewater treatment, it can be used once again. While building the house it is worth to think about solar pannels or warmth pomp – they are both more often used resolution, used in order to use energy from the nature.

5.Daily life – Buy bags you can use repeatedly! Colourful shopping bags are fashionable and ecological. Make a gift to yourself and the nature – buy yourself beautiful shopping bag, made out of wool or recovered plastics. Buy high quality products and if it is possible do your shopping in the local area. You will have the guarantee of quality and you will have contribute to limitation of transport, which means lower use of fuel and pollution. Avoid disposable products.

Implement in your life the rule of 3XR ( Reduce – Reuse – Recycle), in other words decrease the usage – use again – recycle. Thanks to it many people not only live eco, but also explore their power of creation, about which werent aware of earlier. You will find here a big number of examples how to reuse "garbage":

Eco-lifestyle means all our daily activities. If you want to live active and ecological it means, you want to live wise and aware.