Text: Anna Plaszczyk, photos: press release

7 April 2023

The balanced production of the skateboards was a dream for some lovers of this Finnish sport. In this way the brand Uitto was created and it produces the ecological and 100% recyclable skateboards.

The inspiration were the rafters who transported wood at long distances in a completely ecological way – along the current of the river. Floating wood means exactly Uitto. The team decided to introduce the skateboards in the 21st century using the ecological methods just like those of the rafters. In this way they created a board which is free from the harmful chemical substances and 100% recyclable.

As the creators of Uitoo Boards claim – the board is not the hardest, the smallest or the lightest one on the market but it is the intentional compromise with the needs of the natural environment. It is made of the boards created out of the wooden fibres from the Norwegian forests. It is resistant to water and bending. However the most important thing is that it can be recycled many times – by grinding into pellets, pressing and cutting into the shape of the skateboard once more. While producing the Ditto Boards no toxic substances are used.

The boards Uitto are available in three colours – bark, moss and stone, each has its own unique pattern created in the forming process.