HAYAŚKI pillows

Text: Anna Plaszczyk, photos: press release

20 June 2022

Haykas unique linen won Poles hearts. The linen brings us to summer night barn and offers us sleep on hay. Now, they went further, they offer us sleep on buckwheat. HAYAŚKI pillows are filled with buckwheat husks, are very fashioned and very healthy.

The buckwheat husk has been used as a pillow filler for over two thousand years. The buckwheat holds back the grow of bacterias, molds and fungi. For years has been used as a prophylaxis treatment for heart diseases or cancers. It detoxify body, strengthen the immune system and bodys vitality. Products made of buckwheat husk are very effective in a back muscle pain and in the treatment of cervical vertebra defects.

The buckwheat husk is also non-allergenic. Pillows filled with the buckwheat husk "breathe". Moreover, it keeps constant and neutral temperature. Traditional pillows heats up from the head heat. Due to the shape of the husk the pillow can breathe all the time. In the empty spaces there is air that let the heat out the pillow. The buckwheat mattress works in a similar way. Mattresses and pillows filled with buckwheat husk are irreplaceable especially in case of people with chronic diseases as they reduce the risk of pressure sores.

Due to convex shape of buckwheat husks the pillows massage gently head and neck. The micro-massage stimulates the blood circulation and oxygenates the skin. This pillow fundamentally differ from traditional pillow not only because of its health properties but also the weight. The small buckwheat pillow weight even 1 kilo! The pillow cover can be washed as well as the buckwheat cover, after dumping husks out. If the pillows gets wet, it can be dried in the same way. There is no need to clean the buckwheat . The pillow may be used for 10 years. After 10 years the buckwheat need to be replaced.The buckwheat pillow rustling gently. It sounds like pouring cereal grains. If the pillow is covered in Haykas hay pillow cover the effect of the sleep on the hay is guaranteed.

Hayka offers buckwheat pillows (HAYAŚKI) in sizes: 40x40cm and 50x30cm, in straw design covers (yellow) and hay design covers (green). In Hayka offer you can also find buckwheat bolster pillows 50x14cm. Pillow covers are made of high quality satin cotton and fasten with hidden zippers. All fabrics used by Hayka are certified by OEKO-TEX Standard 100. Each HAYASIEK is different. On some of it you can find ladybug or moth sitting on it, on another may be found items lost in the barn.