Hotel in trees - Sweden

Text: Mariola Weindich-Mašek, photos: press release

27 July 2022

If you are planning vacation in Sweden – you necessarily have to visit a hotel in the trees. It is a complex of unearthly rooms, located a few meters above the ground. The hotel is located in a pine forest in the town - Harads, near the Arctic Circle - just an hours drive by car from Kallax airport.

Treehotel is a unique place. Each of the six rooms is hung up at a height of 4 to 6 meters above the ground. There are ramps, bridges and folding stairs leading to them. Each room is unique not only because of its design, but also of the interior fitting.

The rooms are of various sizes - from 15 to even 30 square meters. The whole project is implemented in such a way as to have minimal impact on the surrounding nature. Rooms have therefore modern and environmentally friendly heating system, toilets, and washbasins limiting excessive consumption of water.

The location of this room is based on the idea of creating a platform high up on a steep hillside with the view of the Lule River valley. In order to get to your room you have to go through a wooden bridge, which begins with a large wooden terrace. The cabin hangs under the terrace. Such combination has given unusual and interesting look to the apartment. Room has 24 square meters. It is designed for 2 people.

A futuristic version of the apartment in the trees was made of aluminium construction and mirrored walls. The mirrors reflect the whole environment, so that the structure itself is almost invisible. The apartment merges with the forest reflected in mirrored walls. The designers have thought of every detail, including the threat to birds resulting from such a solution. The mirrors are covered with a special infrared film, invisible to the human eye, but visible to birds. In this way the birds can see the apartment between trees and can bypass it during their flight. The interior is made from plywood with a birch colour. 6 panoramic windows provides an amazing view. The room is designed for 2 persons, it is equipped with a double bed, a bathroom, living room and terrace. Youll get there by the 12 meter bridge.

The birds nest
The outer part of this room is nothing but a giant birds nest, which ensures that within minutes you will become part of the surrounding nature. The interior of the nest is finished high quality materials. This apartment is suitable for a family with two kids. The walls are clad with wood panels. The room is 17 square meters, and it has separate bedrooms, bathroom, and living area. You enter the Birds Nest with the help of a retractable staircase.

The blue cone
In this project, the designers put emphasis primarily on simplicity, functionality and comfort. The room is made of wood and the whole construction stands on three foundations sunk into the ground in order to provide better stability of the structure. You can get to the room via the bridge, which is also adapted for the disabled people. The interior is finished with laminated birch wood. Apartment consist of a bedroom, a living room and a bathroom. At 22 square meters 4 people can live.

UFO shape resembles that of Birds Nest. While working on the Birds Nest the idea has come to keep the shape, but at the same time definitely distinguish it from the environment. The materials from which this futuristic design was made are the highest quality composites ensuring the maximum strength with minimum weight. The interior of the apartment is as modern as its design. The room is suitable for 5 people. It consists of a bedroom with a double bed and three separate sleeping beds, a bathroom and living area.
This 30 - square meter apartment, to which you can get by retractable steps, gives the possibility of escaping from worldly problems and returning to carefree childhood dreams of cosmic dimension.

This 52 -meter room is the largest of the entire forest complex. It is one of a kind, because it can successfully function both as private living quarters as well as a conference space. In order to get to the Dragonfly you have to go through a 15 -meter ramp. Big windows provide amazing views of the entire valley. The central part of the room is finished with wood, while the exterior part is made out of sheet metal, which over time rust, and thus - perfectly blend in with the surroundings.
This amazing complex is located in Sweden, therefore, it should has saunas. This unusual combination of trees and steam bath ensure you unusual experience and excellent relaxation.

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