Text: Anna Plaszczyk, photos: press release

17 October 2016

Natural fabrics, comfortable cuts and unique flowers – another Polish clothing brand promotes fashion for naturalness and Upcycling. OceEcostreetwear is a unique approach to what and how we wear.

OCEeco belongs to Natalia Michałowska, a graduate of Koszalin Institute of Design. – Designers and creators are responsible for conscious choosing materials for the production of everyday objects as well as clothes – the designer says – conscious choice of materials, knits, fabrics should be the basis of every project – she adds.

It is just this belief that is the basis of creation of OCEeco brand. Natalia Michałowska carefully chooses fabrics. She takes care for the fabric to be made and produced in Poland. She selects mainly those organic and bamboo ones, but she does not say no to the upcycling. In the second hand shops she can find unique gems, which are used by her to create a single, unique copies of clothing.

OCEeco are handmade clothes, often – on order. This makes them unique. The designer also pays great attention to the cut. – The next step is like a fun, creation, combining some fabrics and knits chosen by me into women-friendly cuts – Natalia Michałowska explains – They are simple, minimalist, yet comfortable and original.

Characteristic for the brand are unique fillings of tube scarfs, hoods, linings, pockets. Since the beginning flowers were the theme of OCEeco brand because they are definition of feminine beauty. Most of the designs are framed in pastels and flowers accompany each collection. – OCEceo clothing is a response to the clothes manufactured in China, which are flooding our market and are attacking us in every supermarket – concludes the owner of the OCEeco brand.

Clothing with OCEeco tags can already be bought not only in Poland but also in Scandinavia.