The autumn weather and wet surfaces mean greater risk of skidding!

Text: Mariola Weindich-Mašek, photos: press release

12 September 2019

The autumn will start soon. This season has the highest number of rainy days of all other periods. Drivers than should pay great attention to adjusting their speed and driving to the conditions on the road. This time of the year visibility is undoubtedly worse, and additionally driving on wet roads requires from drivers more care and skills.

Wipers, lights and tires
Before the autumn comes, the drivers should check the condition of the wiper blades, lighting, and above all the tires. If we think that the blades are not removing water from windows properly, do not save, buy new ones. During rain they are essential. You should also check the lights in the car regularly and replace light bulbs that are out of order immediately. Autumn is often grimly and gloomy not only in the evening, but also during the day, so lights working properly are indispensable to maintain good visibility and security. One should not also forget about the condition of the tires. On wet road, tires with worn treads often do not work. Distraction, excessive speed and bad adjustment of speed to driving conditions can be fatal. On a rainy Monday, on September 7-th, 152 collisions took place in Warszawa.

renault, jesienna aura, mokre nawierzchnie

When the tire is unable to remove the excess of water, it has no contact with the surface and it loses grip, it makes the driver losing control over the vehicle, we have to do with an aquaplaning - trainers from Renault Safe Driving School explain. Most often we are dealing with the aquaplaning when the car enters a deep puddle or a water-filled rut. The higher the speed, the more water, the higher the probability of skid is.
Facing the phenomenon of aquaplaning, we can have a feeling that a rear part of car is "running" aside and an impression that the wheel is much easier to operate - trainers from Renault Safe Driving School say. - If you do experience a skid, you should remember not to push on the brake rapidly and preferably not to turn the steering wheel. First of all, you need to take your foot off the gas to reduce speed and wait until you can control the vehicle again - the coaches add.

Watch the road
When it is raining, you have to drive slowly and constantly watch the road, paying particular attention to the road and the behaviour of cars in front of us. To give space for emergency manoeuvring in case of losing a grip, you should also keep a greater than usual distance from other vehicles. In this way we can avoid a collision even when another vehicle skids. 

renault, jesienna aura, mokre nawierzchnie