Vacations in igloo

1 February 2021

Vacations in a tent? Or maybe in an igloo? If you choose the second solution - every day you will be able to watch the Northern Lights from your hotel bed. Late autumn and early spring is the best time to watch the Northern lights. It is best seen in the hours between six in the afternoon and one in the morning.

Finnish hotel - Kakslauttane is located in the village of the same name. The city is famous for its good conditions for observing the northern lights. The hotel itself is also very interesting. It consists of 20 glass igloos. This allows you to admire the northern lights without leaving the bed. Each hotel room is an igloo made of special glass, so that the time spend on observing the stars is unlimited. In addition, glass walls and ceiling are resistant to frost and very low temperatures, which are natural in Finland.

The hotel is located 250 km beyond the Arctic Circle and despite the unusual accommodation it can also offer the largest smoke sauna in the world to its guests.