If you are an ecology, sustainability, and good design lover, this brand is definitely for you!

Ecoïste has been created out of the need to live in the clean and friendly environment. Ecoïste is defined as the ecoïstic necessity to ecologically create beautiful and functional objects from unwanted items. We strongly believe that wasting large amounts of reusable materials decreases our quality of life. This belief has led us to create this socially and environmentally aware brand, a brand created from the heartfelt desire to make responsible choices. We believe with confidence that there are things which never become old-fashioned, with ecology being one of them. With this idea at the heart, the Ecoïste philosophy has been established. All Ecoïste products are created from needless waste such as travel equipment, rain-coats, winter jackets, mountain clothing and rucksacks. Most of these are production waste. Despite being excluded from sale as not full-value goods, the materials they were made of maintain the same quality and durability as before. Thanks to the upcycling process, we have recovered the most valuable elements of the products, creating brand-new, unique items.